Recent Releases

Official soundtrack for John Beder’s documentary, Palliative. The delicate subject of palliative care is explored in John’s film. The score is mostly (delicate!) live strings and piano.

Showcasing work from experimental projects.

Official soundtrack for Soraya Simi’s documentary, Where The Water Takes Us. Soraya’s beautiful film about 40 students and their voyage on the sea inspired the music for this film.

Trey Toy and I wrote these pieces for Score a Score’s trailer staple, “The Signature Series”. Each track uses natural sounds from Yellowstone National Park. Bears, geyers, birds, frogs! All of those things. It’s only a couple of tracks, but they pack a punch.

Music from dramatic narrative films that have screened in film festivals around the world.

Music from recent horror films. The Nest, Let Me Play, The Black String, and more.

A breakdown of a piece of music that was written as a trailer, modified as a film cue, and performed by a string ensemble (as well as various wind players).